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Review Systems

Review Systems Digital Signage Ltd was asked to supplied and install large bespoke design touch screen information systems in to an initial three locations. In collaboration with Terri Jones and her “Joy of Plants “, team, these digital systems provide customers with an interactive experience collating a wealth of information of stocked plants, tree and shrubs, sold in the Hillier garden centres.
The bright displays allow customers to educate themselves and find tips on the best plant types for their garden. Located in a prominent position at the nursery entrances and within the plant areas of the garden centres, the interactive displays are an unmissable and provide a complementary addition to the plant section in each of the centres.
Helpful information is available for example, on soil type, planting location, plant sizes and sun/shade consideration, allowing customers to make an informed choice, prior to purchasing. The display systems also allow staff to advise customers with ease by providing them with a visual encyclopaedia of plant knowledge at their fingertips.
The displays are also used for internal promotions, like the Hillier Gardening club, gift cards and other helpful information and tips for visitors to take on board and assist them while shopping.
Quest CNC were commissioned to design using 3D CAD based off basic dimensions and some renderings. Once designed, we manufactured the display stand frames, using MDF, and the decorative panels using Birch Plywood with Douglas Fir veneer. To finish the displays off, we designed and exported the logo and text, sourcing a local laser cutting company to produce the parts.

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